Times-Mail adds equipment: Printing, inserting capacity growing

Times-Mail adds equipment: Printing, inserting capacity growing

The Daily American, a sister Schurz newspaper in Somerset, Pa., made the decision to get out of the printing business.

  This meant some perfectly good newspaper equipment became available at an attractive price and created an opportunity for The Times-Mail in Bedford.

  In the past few months, The Times-Mail trucked the equipment from Somerset and installed it at the Bedford facility, improving printing and inserting capability for Bedford.

  This brief summary of what took place does not begin to indicate the hundreds of hours and headaches that went into the work. People exchanged email photographs of the equipment, made site visits and took measurements (lots and lots of measurements). Then they took the equipment apart, packed it into trucks, hauled it to Bedford and reassembled it so it would work with the Times-Mail equipment..

  In June, Times-Mail employees and a crew from Kansa Technology installed a Kansa 760 inserter and four multi-feeders at Bedford.

  The equipment replaced a Kansa 480 unit and a four-station multi-feeder in Bedford.

  The crews used two of the old Bedford units in the new setup, so now the Times-Mail has the Kansa 760 and six multi-feeder stations.

  The bigger task took place in the pressroom. In July, Times-Mail staffers and workers from Central Graphics were busy with those changes to the Goss Community Press.

  The job included removing a  three-color unit and a mono unit from the west side of the Times-Mail’s press and replacing them with two stacked units.

  The change gives the Times-Mail press crew the ability to print two additional pages

of color in The Times-Mail and other publications.

  In addition to the companies contracted for the work, the installation involved a lot of Times-Mail folks from Stacey Brown, production manager, to Rusty Allen, building manager, to Bill Hill, mailroom manager, and the press crew of Marty Staggs, Tom Phillips Jr., Dave Swaby, Fredo Gomez, and Mark Wiggs.

  During all of this work, the Times-Mail pressroom and mailroom folks kept up the

printing and inserting for The Times-Mail, as well as for commercial printing customers.