2013 Second Triannual Contest: SCI print contest winners are named

2013 Second Triannual Contest: SCI print contest winners are named

The 2013 second triannual Schurz Communications print contest winners have been named.
Jake Womer of the Hagerstown, MD Herald-Mail and David Snodgress from the Bloomington, IN Herald-Times are the contest coordinators.

The winners are:
Judge: John Lampinen, editor, Daily Herald, Arlington Heights, Ill.
FIRST: Todd Davidson and Sarah Morin, Bloomington, IN Herald-Times, Hoosier Scoop app
Judge’s comments: “A creative app that adds related Twitter comments to Hoosier sports coverage in a way that keeps the material fresh, timely and fun — a good time for sports fans who can never get enough. It’s an innovative idea that is well executed — and one that adds to the interactivity of the coverage.”

Judge: Margaret Holt, standards editor, Chicago Tribune
FIRST: Ben Kleppinger, The Interior Journal, Stanford, KY, “Rail execs could face jail over blocked crossing”
Judge’s comments: “I loved this story. It covers all the elements that good watchdog reporting epitomizes, starting with looking out for citizens’ interests. The people in the Geneva area were getting bullied by the big railroad company, which had absolutely no sensitivity for corporate responsibility. Routinely, Northern Southern trains stopped on the tracks and blocked the only crossing for miles around. That was a safety risk, of course, but it also reflected the arrogance of unchecked corporate might.
“Only when the Journal’s article pointed out that fines wouldn’t bother the big railroad company but the threat of jail time might. My favorite quote: ‘One night in jail for a guy wearing a suit and tie for the railroad means more than a $100,000 fine.’ All right, then. Put that in the paper and see what happens.
“Ha. Magically, the situation improved. Two weeks later, the problem appeared to resolve. Apparently, as the follow-up story reported, the railroad executives do read the paper.”
SECOND: Mike Moore, Jessamine Journal, Nicholasville, KY, “Homeowners at odds with city over lack of services”

Judge: Margaret Holt, standards editor, Chicago Tribune
FIRST: Christian Sheckler (with Madeline Buckley on one story), South Bend Tribune
“Man stabs daughter to death”
Judge’s comments: “What began as a tragic domestic dispute became more with the dogged reporting illustrated in this entry. It is gratifying to see how sometimes, the battering ram of truth makes a difference in illuminating a situation that should make the community absolutely furious.
“The reporter took the first story – the bloody slaughter of a child by her father – and pursued leads aggressively. The next day, the readers learn how the police were contacted days before the stabbing. Then, the news is that the suspect walked days before, despite a protective order. Like a mystery, this continued to play out as the prosecuting attorney dumps the deputy who botched the work of prosecuting the father. The final story examined how the justice system might do a better job of handling these domestic violence cases.”

SECOND: Abby Tonsing, Bloomington Herald-Times, “Injured baby case raises questions”
HONORABLE MENTION: Arnold Platou, Hagerstown Herald-Mail, Jobs market story

Judge: John Lampinen, editor, Daily Herald, Arlington Heights, Ill.
FIRST: Virginia Black and Madeline Buckley, South Bend Tribune, Hidden Horrors sex crime series
Judge’s comments: “An eye-opening and provocative exploration of sex crime prosecution in St. Joseph County, Indiana, this initiative tops a strong field of entries in a competitive category. With clarity of writing and detailed analysis, Black and Buckley succeed in shedding light on a number of societal and governmental challenges facing the community. A powerful and moving package of stories expertly delivered.”

SECOND: Jon Blau, Bloomington Herald-Times, “The need for speed”
HONORABLE MENTION: “Gone Too Soon,” Heidi Prescott, South Bend Tribune
HONORABLE MENTION: Drugs and the Community,” Judy D.J. Ellich, Alyssa Choiniere and Bruce Siwy, Somerset Daily American
HONORABLE MENTION: Fluoride: What’s On Tap?” Bruce Siwy, Somerset Daily American

FIRST: Ben Kleppinger, The Interior Journal, Stanford, KY, “Prayer at graduation”
Judge’s comments: “An elucidating and balanced review of how Lincoln County High School came to abandon its tradition of allowing a prayer to be recited at graduation ceremonies. Wonderfully written with good use of quotes and concrete explanations.”
SECOND: Jonathan Kleppinger, The Jessamine Journal, Nicholasville, KY, “Is it really that dope?”

Judge: Glenn Gilbert, Michigan group editor, Digital First Media
FIRST: Elisa Sand, Aberdeen, SD American News, “Laid-off beef workers angry about paychecks”
Judge’s comments: “Good use of social media, multimedia tools and on-the-scene reporting. Multiple sourcing and good context.”
SECOND: Scott Feldman, Aberdeen, SD American News, “Suspicious envelopes in Aberdeen offices of U.S. senators … lead to building evacuation”
HONORABLE MENTION: Dan Dearth, Hagerstown, MD Herald-Mail. “Rescued from a Silo”

Judge: Glenn Gilbert, Michigan group editor, Digital First Media
FIRST: Arnold S. Platou, Hagerstown, MD Herald-Mail. “Home Sweet Home: Some property owners weather recession storm”
Judge’s comments: “I think Platou did a great job of incorporating how local residents were directly affected by the hesitant recovery of the housing market across the nation. He follows five local couples and one individual, of different backgrounds and ages, as they purchase a house. He also shows how the buying of a home, including the cost to fix it up, helps the economy in other ways as well. In addition to localizing a national story through sharing residents’ stories, Platou also compares home sales both in the county and nationally. He does a great job at breaking down the story to make it easy to understand, as well as including tips for anyone who is contemplating buying a home in this market.”
SECOND: Bobbie Curd, “‘Smack’ of reality: Heroin makes comeback in wake of pill mill crackdown”
HONORABLE MENTION: Kim Kilbride, South Bend Tribune, “Failed the test, but graduating anyway”

Judge: John L. Beck, Executive Editor, The News-Gazette, Champaign, Ill.
FIRST: Ben Kleppinger, The Interior Journal, Stanford, KY, County says goodbye to retirees with almost 50 years of service between them
Judge’s comments: “Two longtime Lincoln County officials retire at the same time. We learn a lot about the women through their own words and from others they worked for and with — not only about their professional lives, but about their personalities as well.”
SECOND: Cody Porter, Jessamine Journal Nicholasville, KY, “All in the family”

Judge: John L. Beck, Executive Editor, The News-Gazette, Champaign, IL.
FIRST: Dann Denny, Bloomington, IN Herald-Times, “Mind over matter”
Judge’s comments: “Good reporting, compelling writing make for a readable, interesting portrait of a woman facing a serious recurring medical problem who is loved by many. The story gives insight into the woman’s personality, which all good profiles should do. Multiple sources help bring her to life for readers.”
SECOND: Todd Kleffman, Danville, KY Advocate-Messenger, “From Abbottabad to Fulbright”
HONORABLE MENTION: Jeff Harrell, South Bend Tribune, “Bluesman laments blues, racism”

Judge::Tim Ethridge, editor, Evansville (Ind.) Courier & Press
Judge’s comments for the category: “An incredibly deep and competitive category, with entries ranging from live game reports to magazine features. Talent across the board (and the company), making final decisions very difficult.”
FIRST: Dustin Dopirak, Bloomington, IN Herald-Times.
Judge’s comments: “We’ve all known coaches’ sons, many times in a negative connotation, but the relationship between a baseball coach and his son, the starting left fielder, joining forces for a school’s first-ever trip to the College World Series. The dueling roles of father and coach, of son and player, play out in highlights and lowlights with plenty of tough love.”
SECOND: Eric Hansen, South Bend Tribune
HONORABLE MENTION: Mike Miller, Bloomington. IN Herald-Times
HONORABLE MENTION: John Papendick, Aberdeen, SDAmerican News.
HONORABLE MENTION: Hal Morris and Mike Marsee, Danville, KY Advocate-Messenger.
HONORABLE MENTION: Dustin Dopirak, Bloomington, IN Herald-Times.

Judge: Steve Shirk, managing editor, The Kansas City Star
FIRST: Danville, KY Advocate-Messenger, staff
Judge’s comments: “By far the cleanest design. Designers give readers many choices. And there is a clear hierarchy.”
SECOND: Aberdeen, SD American News, staff
HONORABLE MENTION: Stewart Moon and Penny Reid, Bloomington, IN Herald-Times

SCI triannual photo contest winners named
Winners have been named in the second triannual Schurz Communications 2013 Photography Contest.
The contest covered the period from May 1 to August 31/
Contest coordinator was David Snodgress, chief photographer at the Bloomington Herald-Times.
Congest judge was Tracey Trumbull, Manager of Digital Content, WRCB-TV, Chattanooga, TN. He’s former Visuals Editor at Chattanooga Times Free Press and Director of Photography at Knoxville, TN News Sentinel
“Many strong entries, any one of which could be solid 1-A or Local display images,” Trumbull commented. “I was struck by the consistency of moments and composition in the entries as whole. From what I’ve seen here, the staff works assignments and stories hard, not moving on prematurely. This was a pleasure to judge!”
The wiuners were:
News Photography
First– Consolation by Kevin G. Gilbert, Herald-Mail, Hagerstown, MD
Judge’s comment: A quiet, intimate moment from what could have been a run-of-the-mill photo from a typical news story. This is a shooter working a situation hard and looking beyond the obvious.
Second – Rain by Clay Jackson, Advocate-Messenger, Danville, KY
HM – Proton Therapy by Chris Howell, Herald-Times, Bloomington, IN

Sports Photography
First – Catcher by Ric Dugan, Herald-Mail, Hagerstown, MD
Judge’s comment: Great expression and timing combined for a great images of catcher Jordon Edlund trying for reach the ball. If this image wasn’t used at least five columns, I’d like to take to that page designer.
Second – Out At Home by Joe Crocetta, Herald-Mail, Hagerstown, MD
HM – Missed by Chris Howell, Herald-Times, Bloomington, IN

Winners at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-MP8CZZrrKATrpPpPdgZ_Q
First – Proton Therapy by Chris Howell, Herald-Times, Bloomington, IN
Judge’s comment: Letting a person tell their story, in their own words and voice, is almost always an effective technique, and Howell’s piece shows why it works. Solid, consistent images helped define Rachel’s journey, which was re-enforced with her voice.
Second — Dream by Will Elkins, American News, Aberdeen, SD