Core Values Statement

We constantly strive to improve to meet the needs and wants of readers, listeners, viewers, users, and advertisers. We believe that talented and dedicated employees have made the company successful in the past and are the hope of the future. We are committed to providing an environment that gives our employees the opportunity to achieve their potential.

Our company’s strength mirrors the strength of our communities. We support our local communities as a good corporate citizen and encourage active involvement. We are committed to excellence in all that we do. We hold each other accountable for using our best efforts to achieve success.

We believe in acting for the benefit of the entire organization and delegating decision making authority to the appropriate level. We believe strong local leaders empower our operations and people to nimbly and successfully serve our customers and communities.

Our goal is to be the leader in news and information in our markets. We believe that financial profitability provides the resources necessary for the company’s long-term health and growth. We set operating and financial expectations through the budgeting process. We will help each other and hold each other mutually accountable to meet those goals.

We value our reputation for honesty and fairness. Our credibility and integrity will never be sacrificed to achieve other objectives. We are stewards of this company. Earlier generations started it, grew it and gave it to us to grow. We reinvest for the future and will pass it along to successive generations.