Website advertising is one of the fastest, most cost effective and measurable solutions to get eyeballs on your brand. From standard display and rich media banner advertising to unique, contextual sponsorships and advertorial solutions, we offer highly targetable and customizable opportunities to help you connect with your audience in an environment where they spend a good portion of their time everyday. Plus, we can easily track the performance of your campaign through impression, clicks and conversion metrics to calculate and improve your ROI.

Display Banners

Like traditional newspaper and magazine advertising, display banners are highly visible, results-focused formats appearing next to the content of our websites. With rich graphics, animation and interactivity, online display units offer a significant advantage and opportunity to connect with consumers. Display banners include targeting options, such as demographic and behavioral, so you can hone in on your audience. We offer most standard IAB sizes including 300x 250, 300 x 600, 728 x 90 as well as non-standard ad sizes designed to integrate into the content and user interface.

Rich Media

Rich media allows brands to tell a more complex and engaging story by inviting the user to become part of the dialog. Sight, sound, and motion can all be a part of making a rich media ad unit more interesting, more appealing and more likely to hold the user’s attention. A user can engage with a brand in a meaningful way — by sharing a link, viewing a video, or even making a purchase — all within the context of the original website.


Affix your business, product or name to full websites or specific pages, sections, content features, tools, newsletters, and more. Your ad or promotional element will be present one hundred percent of the time to give you maximum exposure.

Audience Extension

You’ve bought your ad on the websites’ Sports page, but still want to reach more Sports Enthusiasts… Audience Extensions are what you’re looking for. Schurz has extended partnerships with nearly 1,500 websites allowing you to reach people based on interest, enthusiasm or lifestyle.

Unique Targeting

Pinpoint your audience and message through our ad targeting capabilities. We can get as specific as time of day, day of week, website, content section, behavioral attribute and user’s location – even down to the neighborhood level.