Rich Media Samples


The expanding ad with a push down effect makes use of very limited space to help deliver a large ad. This ad uses a 960×30 and a 960×300 graphic. This ad expands when the page is loaded and automatically closes 3 seconds after the page loads. After that the ad will open and close based on a mouse-over effect.





The catfish ad is a floating ad that sits at the bottom of your browser window. The nice thing about this ad is the fact that it stays at the bottom as you scroll up and down the page. Since there is a chance the ad might cover up some content there is a close button present.




Page Wrap

The page wrap ad provides advertising space around the site. The top part of the ad located at the top of the page is clickable and the ad graphics on the sides of the site are not.




Post It

The post it note ad will pop up on the page when the page loads and will sit on top of the page for 15 seconds. This ad also has a close button.





The expanding ad allows on a mouse-over for an ad to expand to twice its original size and can be set to expand in any direction.


Third-Party Vendors

Pointroll Gallery (Theirs)
Pointroll Gallery (Ours) -
Over the page with transparency
Large over the page ad unit
Medium over the page ad unit

Example ad units -
“Fancy” Ad — Can add up to three tabs (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Etc..)
Tall Spot 300×600 (Could also use just Facebook or just Twitter)
Standard 300×600 (Could also use just Facebook or just Twitter)
Standard 300×250 Youtube (Could also use just Facebook or just Twitter)
Profile Spot 300×250 Twitter
Dark Spot 300×250 Twitter

Mixpo Gallery