Mobile Banner Advertising

Mobile Banner Advertising is showing powerful results for some national businesses, and local businesses are beginning to use mobile banners to promote themselves to local consumers.

Mobile banners typically deliver 2 to 5 times the interaction rates as online banners because there is usually only a single mobile advertisement per mobile page. Businesses need to be clear and specific about what they hope a mobile consumer will do with them. This call to action is best conveyed through a mobile-optimized website. Simply put, that is a site that can be easily read without zooming or scrolling to see the content. Some common mobile -optimized sites include a business’s Facebook Page, Twitter Page, Google Place Page, or a custom made mobile site. If a business goes the extra distance of creating a mobile site, it can place code on its main website to redirect mobile searchers to the mobile site. One half of the population searches for local businesses on mobile phones.

Schurz offers mobile banner advertising on its mobile sites and apps. The account managers at the various Schurz properties also assist local businesses to develop a mobile sites to encourage consumers to interact with the local business. Some common interaction types would be to watch a video, sign up for more info, save a coupon, get directions, make a phone call, send an email, share with a friend, and more.