Mobile Coupons

Mobile coupons are quickly gaining popularity amongst consumers who use their mobile phones to stay organized in several parts of their lives. A recent survey from Nielsen shows that 46% of consumers have smartphones, and evidence from Google shows that 95% of smartphone users turn to their phones to find information about local businesses. Mobile coupons can give a business a tool for drawing a customer into its store rather than another.

Mobile coupons can take many forms. The Schurz properties offer mobile coupon solutions in the form of text message marketing and as part of a mobile site that consumers find through a Google Search or a mobile banner advertising campaign.

A text message marketing campaign would begin by selecting a keyword to represent your business that is available on the short code of your provider. The Schurz properties can assist with keyword selection on its short code, 69227. A keyword is usually one short word that is related to the name of the business. A business can begin offering mobile coupons by promoting its discount club to current customers through its website, Facebook, email or signs inside the business itself. Coupons are a great way to grow a large permission-based list of customers for text message marketing.

Using mobile coupon marketing through mobile sites will serve as a compelling call to action through a mobile banner advertising campaign to give people a reason to tap on the ad and to interact with the local business. The Schurz properties can assist with design, setup and hosting of mobile sites whether or not the business chooses to run a mobile banner advertising campaign. Google sees that 20% of all search is now being conducted on mobile phones, and mobile sites can be connected to full websites to take advantage of mobile search traffic to deliver customers a coupon to entice them to visit a local business.