Mobile Keywords

Mobile Keywords are used in text message marketing to create a list of consumers who want to get information and offers from businesses. This can be very useful in driving repeat business into local retail businesses. It can also be very effective in energizing a base of charitable supporters.

A mobile keyword is used in conjunction with a short code to ask consumers for permission to send them ongoing messages.

The example on the right illustrates what happens when a consumer sends a text message with the keyword “FAZOLIS” to the short code 69227. The text messaging platform provided by the Schurz properties executes the command and delivers a confirmation message with an initial offer from the business. Fazoli’s also sends weekly updates of new offers to local consumers to drive them into the business on a more frequent basis. These offers from Fazoli’s are only valid in the Springfield, MO market area.

Local retail businesses may see as many as 5% to 25% of the people on a list come in to the business to redeem each new offer. This compares to a 1% redemption rate for printed coupons and 3% redemption rate for online coupons.

The value of the offer and the popularity of the business play a strong role in predicting what percent of consumers on a marketing list will bring in an offer for redemption.