Mobile Short Codes

Mobile Short Codes operate like traditional 10 digit phone numbers for the purpose of communicating messages between businesses and consumers. Short Codes are registered through the mobile phone carriers and are approved for sending promotional messages to consumers. The process can be fairly complex and costly for businesses to setup a unique short code of their own. Very large brands or national businesses tend to prefer having their own short code.

A short code can be leased through a company called Neustar, and the expense ranges from $500 to $1000 per month before any messaging expenses are incurred. Small, local businesses find it difficult to recoup these kinds of expenses, and they typically use a service that allows them to share a short code with other businesses.

When a small business shares a short code, such as the one offered by the Schurz properties, 69227, it differentiates itself from the other businesses by the keyword it selects. Mobile keywords tend to be one short word such as the name of a business. It’s a good idea to keep the keyword short because it requires less typing on the part of a consumer.

Businesses use keywords and short codes together to ask consumers to join a special club with perks such as discounts on a purchase today or in the future.

The example on the right illustrates what happens when a consumer sends a text message with the keyword “FAZOLIS” to the short code 69227. The text messaging platform provided by the Schurz properties executes the command and delivers a confirmation message with an initial offer from the business. Fazoli’s also sends weekly updates of new offers to local consumers to drive them into the business on a more frequent basis. These offers from Fazoli’s are only valid in the Springfield, MO market area.