Mobile Sites

Mobile sites are miniature websites that contain just enough information that a consumer would need about a business while on-the-go. These sites fit the small screen of a smartphone easily in a layout that consumers can read without zooming in on the content. Less is more on mobile sites because mobile devices are not used for in depth research. Rather, they are used at decision points for quick information that often leads to a physical interaction with a local business.

Google sees that 20% of all search is now being conducted on mobile phones, and mobile sites can be connected to full websites to take advantage of mobile search traffic to deliver customers a coupon to entice them to visit a local business.

Mobile sites should answer the Who, What, When, Where, and Why of a local business.
Who is the business?
What does it sell?
When is it open?
Where is it located?
Why should a consumer buy from that business?

Offering a mobile coupon is a good answer for the last question of why.