Text Message Marketing

Mobile text message marketing is used to engage people who have given permission to a business to send them regular messages with offers or information. Businesses who use text message marketing have observed that it is the best medium for getting a same-day result from a marketing push. Email offers require a longer expiration time for an offer because people do not check every email account every day. A study by Nielsen showed that 94% of people check their text messages within 15 minutes of receiving a message.

Text message marketing can take the form of announcements or offers. In both cases, it’s vital that the business sends a message that would be considered something of value to the consumer. Mobile phones are very personal devices, and, if someone agrees to get offers from a business, that is akin to letting that business into the person’s inner circle. This is a desirable place for a business to be, and the communication with consumers in that space should always be worthy of the consumer’s attention.

To setup a text message marketing campaign, a business would need to contact a provider such those at the Schurz properties in order to establish a mobile keyword in conjunction with a mobile short code so that consumers can sign up.